In less than a month, we will embark on the craziest adventure of our lives! We have over 120 performances booked all over Oklahoma and surrounding states from May 20th to July 31st. We will go on five tours from the panhandle of Oklahoma to northwest Arkansas, with many shows in between. Our festival and library shows give us such a unique experience of small and not-so-small towns in our beautiful state. We will pack up our little trailer and hit the road, teaching juggling and hula hooping to thousands of kids everywhere we go! We can't wait to see what we will find along the way. We will showcase Oklahoma and Arkansas' natural treasures, hidden gems, and main street finds while giving a glimpse into our lives as traveling performers. We have our Travel OK guides of parks and sights to see, as well as a keen eye for beautiful scenery, local flavor, craft brew, and adventure.