Kelsey & Jeremy Philo teach Grit and Growth Mindset to kids, teens and adults all over the world through circus arts in an entertaining, inspirational, hands-on program called Juggle Whatever.

This program consists of a high-energy glow circus show featuring all of Inspyral's incredible talents.
This is followed by a short speaking segment where Jeremy & Kelsey openly share about their experiences with failure along the way to success and how GRIT is a key ingredient to achieving your dreams.
Then, everyone in the audience (yes, everyone!) gets to experience how to use grit while learning something tricky - juggling and/or plate-spinning! This fun environment is the perfect place to experience 'dropping the ball' and putting yourself out there to try something new. Everyone can find their own success while learning an important lesson about life. 

Program Details


40 minutes - 1 hour depending on audience size and behavior. Please keep adults present to help assist with large groups. 


Preferably a large open space like a gym, cafeteria, convention space, or large meeting room that can be darkened for the glow show. If this needs to be outside or in a space with a lot of natural light, we can perform with day props, although we highly recommend the glow show. High ceilings are not required, but are great to have. Don't have a large, open space? We can get creative! We have performed 400 of these shows in the past 4 years and can make pretty much any location work. Call us to discuss how to make it work for your group. 

Group Size: 

We prefer to teach groups of 200 or less at a time and can split large groups up by age into multiple programs at a discounted rate. It is possible for us to teach groups of up to 400 at a time, but students have a better experience with more hands-on practice and individual attention with smaller groups. Contact us to see what will work best for your needs. 

Group Age: 

We teach to our audience, so adults, teens or children will have a program that they can best relate to. We easily teach groups of mixed ages from infants to high-school as long as adults are present for help with kids under 6. If we have large groups, splitting them up by age is a great way to help each group have the best experience. Even babies love glowing hula hoops!

Room Set up: 

A table and 10' x 20' performance space at the front of the room, although we can make smaller spaces work if necessary. Chairs at the back for adults and the front two-thirds of the room open for kids to sit during the first two segments, and then they will be up juggling or spinning plates for the last half of the program. 

Equipment Required:

A table at the front of the room if possible, otherwise we can bring one. We provide everything else except the people and the space. We have a battery-powered speaker, two wireless mics and receivers, music on our iPod (1/8" headphone jack), battery-powered stage lights, and a table we can bring if needed. 

For large spaces with built-in sound, please provide a sound person to help us hook our mics and music into your system. We have two Countryman H6 headset microphones with two Shure GLX-D Wireless mic system and GLXD4 receivers and will play music off of an iPod with a regular 1/8" headphone jack. We have two battery-powered stage lights, but you may wish us to use your lighting if the stage is large enough. If so, please provide a lighting person to help us bring up the lighting after the glow show. 

Program Price

$350/program + travel
Contact us for travel costs, multiple program discounts, and for any other questions!
We love what we do, and will happily work with you to bring our program to your audience. 

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