Jeremy & Kelsey Philo



Jeremy & Kelsey met at a circus jam in 2012 and set out on a mission to create magic and inspiration everywhere they go. Costume, choreography, and chemistry are the central ingredients in this duo’s fantastic presentation. A hunger for learning has cultivated skills in many props including juggling, hoops, unicycle, and stilts. Their desire to share their magic with others has made them into wonderful teachers with 8 years experience teaching classes, workshops, and juggling programs. They perform full-time as the duo “Inspyral”.

Workshops Offered

Business Tech: Demystifying the business side of flow arts. Empowering you to charge what you are worth to do what you love. Negotiating pricing, contracts, and deposits (sample documents provided).

Flow Arts Choreography: Kelsey & Jeremy from Inspyral share their method for sequencing flow arts choreography to showcase your best performance on stage.

The Juggle Struggle (Intro to Juggling): Beginners welcome! Start fresh or level up. Tips and tricks from the pros. Balls and clubs.

Struggle with Friends (Intermediate Juggling): Partner juggling! 3, 5, and 6 ball partner patterns. Club passing. (Pre-req: 3 ball cascade)

Weaves & Fountains (Double Hoops with Kelsey): Learn beautiful double hoop patterns forward and reverse, transitions.

Get Flashy (Intermediate Club Juggling with Jeremy): Learn fancy club moves to spice up your juggling performance.